Welcome! I'm Hanna. I am from Annapolis, Maryland, and my two life passions are the beach and desserts!

Someone once asked me, "If you could start over and do what you love, what would that be?" I wrote my answer on a piece of paper, turned it in, and it read, "Cake Baker." When I was in high school, I watched every baking show on TLC and Food Network. I thought it was impossible to replicate a masterpiece like the ones I saw done by the professionals. However, on my 19th birthday I decided to try and beat the odds -- I created the infamous "Topsy-Turvy Cake." Although it did not go as planned, I gained a lot of experience from that first attempt. After that, my spare time consisted of watching tutorials, reading recipe instructions, and researching appropriate equipment. Family members and close friends believed in me by requesting cakes, which in turn gave me more exposure. The more exposure I had, the more the process became easier and smoother. Here I am 7 years later, turning that question someone once asked me into a reality. But, in all honesty, my favorite part about making a cake or cupcakes is the surprise and happiness it brings to others.

Please look through the pictures, enjoy, and feel free to contact me for inquiries, request additional information, or ask any questions. Thank you!